A Family Affair

It is well known that allergies are genetically transmitted from parent to child. If one parent has respiratory allergies there is a 50% probability that any child will have allergies. The percentage increases to 70% if both parents are allergic.

Sinusitis is an inflammatory disorder of the mucosa lining the sinuses that may be initiated by infectious or non-infectious causes. Sinusitis may follow environmental exposure to fumes, chemical vapors, viral infections, cigarette smoke and also can be a complication of seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis

The paranasal sinuses are cavities in the head that have several functions among them reducing weight of the skull, and helping with voice quality.

Acute sinusitis presents with symptoms of forehead or facial pain, fever, discolored nasal discharge and fatigue.

Chronic sinusitis is inflammation of sinuses lasting more than 6 weeks in duration. Common symptoms may include facial pain, headaches and post nasal drainage with cough. Chronic sinusitis may exacerbate asthma making it difficult to treat.

Patients with sinusitis should include testing for allergies as part of their evaluation.

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