Grass Allergy Tablets For Grass Pollen Hayfever

December 9, 2015

If grass hayfever is your worst spring allergy, but you don't wish to go on allergy injections, the grass allergy pollen tablets are an excellent alternative. The tablets contain a mixture of common grass pollen and replace allergy injections. Tablets placed under the tongue require several minutes to dissolve. They are used only once a day. Side effects include: tingling of the mouth and occasionally stomach cramps. Severe reactions that are life threatening are rare.

If you are planning to treat for the coming spring grass season
(April thru Summer) the sublingual tablets need to be started by the end of December thru early January 2016. The tablets should be started at least 12 weeks before the season begins.

The advantage of the allergy pollen tablets are convenience and portability; avoiding weekly trips to the allergy office for injections is an added plus especially for people on the go. The cost for the month's supply is $25 after insurance and manufacturers rebates. The tablets are approved for use in persons ages 10 to 65.

If you are interested in sublingual allergy tablets, please call our office for an appointment. Skin testing is required for documentation of grass allergy in order to fill prescription for the tablets.